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Great to see Top Three back in action Rowan! As you say, funding media is ultra complex, there is no uncomplicated path, and as people's preferences narrow, anything which aims to be broad (which most news media has to do) invariably upsets someone's idea of what is appropriate in scope or tone for media. I personally and very respectfully (also: predictably) would defend both reality TV coverage and listicles as forms which can provide transcendent grace (eg: https://thespinoff.co.nz/kai/29-03-2019/all-122-chip-flavours-in-new-zealand-ranked-from-best-to-worst) – even if they often don't. A minor point though – love what you wrote, and yes, I do feel a little Cassandra.

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I too love The Traitors and will definitely click on any snack-food related listicles. But I'd need to be convinced that either were an important part of maintaining a functioning democracy.

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I like your comment that anyone who wants to pay less tax is asking someone to pay more.

The huge pool of treaty settlements (while not a bad idea themselves) seem to have wrung a permanent income tax exemption.

Think about that for a while and you can find a better owner for every business in NZ in time.

Tick tick tick...

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